How to customize weblogic WLST Template to create a domain?

Before start writing anything about this, I would like to thanks my friends P.venkat and Srinivas Rao to help me in understand and modify the existing wls.jar template according to my requirements. As I have posted in my previous post, I am going to explain how you can modify it according to your requirements. You may need few extra things or you may want to skip few of them, but that’s all should be decided by you. I am leaving you with my modification.

 First of all go to C:\bea\weblogic92\common\templates\domains, assuming your WL is installed at C:/ drive, and you will get the wls.jar template there. Unjar this file in some folder. You can use Winzip or winrar or you can do it via command prompt. Use the following command

 ‘Path of the folder where you want to unjar this template>jar -xvf C:\bea\weblogic92\common\templates\domains\wls.jar’.

 It will extract all the files in wls folder. The wls will look like the picture given below. It will have the following folders

1)      autodeploy

2)      config

3)      console-ext

4)      lib

5)      META-INF

6)      user_staged_config

and the following files


2)      security.xml

3)      startmenu.xml

4)      startscript.xml

5)      stringsubs.xml

6)      template-info.xml



Now you can make the following changes in this exploded template

1)      In autodeploy folder, you have to put all your applications which you want to deploy on any machine and want to deliver it as a bundle with setup environment

2)      In Config/config.xml file, you have to change the name tag with the name of domain you want to create e.g if you want to create skydomain then the tag should be like <name>skydomain</name>.

3)      Inside lib folder, put all the library file you need to run your application and you need them on the machine where you are going to install your application by creating you domain.

4)      In startscript.xml file you can give the value of JAVA_OPTIONS under <setenv > tab. The value tag will look something line <value>%JAVA_OPTIONS% -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -Dode.connection.isolation=2</value>.

5)      Othere then this you can fix java_home in this file according to your requirement to SUN or to JRocket.

You need not to change rest of the things but you can search and change any other thing required by you in this exploded template.

After making all these changes, you have to make a jar file again. You can use command prompt for the same like

‘Path of the folder from where you want to make a jar file>jar -cvf C:\bea\weblogic92\common\templates\domains\skyjar.jar *’

And you are done. All you have to do is to provide this jar file along with your file to create a domain on any machine according to your requirement. 

If you have further any question, please feel free to write me back.




2 thoughts on “How to customize weblogic WLST Template to create a domain?

    1. I haven’t work on this since past couple of years and now looks like things have been changed. I still may able to help you had you provide me your exect script you are running and what kind of error you are getting. Just by reading your current description, I doubt I have much to say.

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